Monday, January 19, 2009


Branches on the beach after rain.

Fossimilajau will be working to get up to speed with disseminating all that is relevant to Similajau National Park, to raise awareness, appreciation, and document.

The next few months will see basic infrastructure set up in place and training to make that possible. The following are scheduled sessions at Similajau NP.

Initial Session:
Fri 13.02 1800 Present concept and brainstorm.
Sat14.02 0700 Plan activity for Fossimilajau
- classify information: confidential vs. public
- content: articles, activities write-up, images

[interim: Gather information, write-up]

1st Working Session:
Tue 17.03 0800 Photography Basics, Acquire Images
Wed18.03 0800 Image Processing, Upload articles, images, make links

[interim: Acquire images, process images]

2nd Working Session:
Fri 03.04 1800 Uploading Pictures and Words
Sat04.04 0800 Mop-up

[interim: Upload]

Final Working Session:
Fri 15.05 1800 Mop-up, fix-up
Sat16.05 0800 Plan follow-up activity if required. Monitoring real-time online.

Follow-up sessions can be done via the web, visits are optional based on specific activities. To contribute, participate please email


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