Friday, September 25, 2009

Batu Anchau Trail

There's plenty one can do here.Depending on needs and interest, there's bird to watch, also other wildlife to check out such as the salt water crocodiles, the shy long tailed macaques, dolphin and more. Common outings include swimming, picnicking and barbequing (these are popular among locals), sea or river cruising, or those adventurous may opt for jungle trekking.

Jungle trekking is made easy as the trails are quite well established. There's a total of ten trails heading to different forest types, beaches, rapids and a pool.

The trails are as follows; Mangrove Plank Walk, Education Trail, Circular Trail, View Point, Batu Anchau Trail, Selunsur Rapid, Turtle Beach I, Turtle Beach II, Golden Beach and Sebubong Pool. All trails are accessible by foot except for Sebubong Pool. The only way to get there is by boat.

What's interesting about Batu Anchau? It is actually a bare rock surface located about 1.35 km from Park head quarters, about 60 minutes walk. Just close to the rock, those observant ones should be able to find Nepenthes ampullaria.

Batu Anchau

The rock surface

Nepenthes ampullaria, a type of pitcher plant

And below are just some of the interesting plants found along the trail

A seriously tiny fungi

Edible young root of Pantu Pipit, a type of palm species

Another fungi growing on soil

And another fungi growing on a log

Monday, September 21, 2009

The finale of Marine Mammal Survey is next month!

The first one conducted was in June 2008. So far, we have only recorded 3 species: Irrawaddy Dolphin (see insert), Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin & Finless Porpoise. Due to lack of fund, we'll conduct our final survey in Oct 2009. Hopefully, we'll see the Bottlenose Dolphin. It still doesn't present itself during the past 4 surveys. So frustating! Sneaky fellow it is...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Park Cafeteria

In conjunction with Raya festival,the Park Cafeteria will not be operating in the morning of first day Raya. Business will resume by lunch hour. Any inconvenience caused is greatly regretted. Thank you!

The Park Cafeteria

The Park wishes all Selamat Hari Raya Eidulfitri!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nite River Cruise

A fruitful one i must say. There were fire flies (felt bit like X'mas!)...Together with Uncle Johili (boatman cum guide), Uncle Jau (spotter), the Witteman's couple and myself, we cruised along the Likau river covering about 5km return. We managed to spot at least 3 adults and 4 hatchlings of Crocodylus porosus. No luck capturing huge ones as they sink immediately when spotted. And it's always on the way back that we ( was Uncle Jau actually) spotted a Mousedeer and a friendly Little Heron.This time double syiok!

Dutch couple

A hatchling near river bank

Little Heron

Another hatchling near vegetation

The Nite River Cruise package is quite popular among tourist. It is RM 100/trip of 5 people the maximum, covering Likau river for about 1.5-2 hours of mainly crocodile spotting.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Park Guide Training Programme Under the National Stimulus Package 2009

SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation invites interested participants to join the Park Guide Training Programme for 2009.

The objectives of the programme include;

1. To produce park guides that are licensed under the National Parks and Nature Reserves Ordinance, 1999 (Regulations) and capable of providing professional guiding services in ecotourism operations in national parks or nature reserves, and are recognized as world-class.
2. To prepare park guides to a high level of motivation to educate tourists in conservation practices an appreciation for biodiversity issues
3. To develop an understanding among park guides of the special nature of ecotourism as a tool for conservation
4. To inculcate best practice standards among guides in relation to safety, interpretation, customer service, product promotion and park guide's own leadership and presentation
5. To assure park guides are committed to providing high quality ecotourism experience in safe, culturally sensitive and environmentally sustainable manner

This programme is fully sponsored by the Government under its Manpower Training Programme for SCORE under the Stimulus Package 2009. Course fees, training materials, meals, accomodation at national park and transportation during the course provided. Participants need only to bear their own transport costs for arriving at the course venue and returning at the end of the course.


Applications to join the course are open to all, but priority will be given to Sarawakians that fulfil the following requirements:

a) At least twenty years old
b) A person of good character, physically and medically fit to perform the duties of a park guide
c) In possession of at least a "Sijil Rendah Pelajaran" (SRP) or equivalent
d) Preferably one who possess a valid tourist guide license (Blue badge or Green badge) issued by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and registered with the Sarawak Tourist Guides Association (SkTGA) or, member of the local communities residing adjacent to national parks or nature reserves, and who had attended at least a Primary Six education and be able to communicate in English and possesses good traditional knowledge of culture and natural resources
e) Pass the impending interviews

Training Courses Schedule (Each applicant is to choose a Certificate in Park Guiding Course at his/her preferred venue and/or one Specific Park Products and Services Course only)

A. Certificate in Park Guiding

1) Certificate in Park Guiding 26 Oct-16 Nov 2009 at SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporate Office Kuching
2) Certificate in Park Guiding 3 Nov-25 Nov 2009 at Niah NP, Miri

B. Specific Park Products & Service Course FOR;

1) Bako NP 17 Nov-20 Nov 2009 at Bako NP, Kuching
2) Niah NP 26 Nov-29 Nov 2009 at Niah NP, Miri
3) Semenggoh NR 23 Nov-25Nov 2009 at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre,Kch
4) Gunong Mulu NP 30 Nov-6 Dec 2009 at Gunong Mulu NP, Miri
5) Matang Wildlife Centre 3 Dec-5 Dec 2009 at Matang WC, Kch
6) Similajau NP 7 Dec-9 Dec 2009 at Similajau NP,Bintulu
7) Lambir Hills 10 Dec-12 Dec 2009 at Lambir Hills NP, Miri
8) Wind Cave Nature Reserve 10 Dec-12 Dec 2009 at Wind Cave NR, Kch
9) Gunong Gading NP 14 Dec-16 Dec 2009 at Gunong Gading NP, Kch
10) Loagan Bunut NP 21 Dec-23 Dec 2009 at Loagan Bunut NP, Miri

Passing the Certificate in Park Guiding Course is one of the requirements for acquiring the Park Guide License. Only graduates with the Certificate in Park Guiding are eligible to apply for any of the Park Products and Services Courses being offered as shown in the above schedule.

The application forms for the Certificate in Park Guiding Course and the Park Products and Services Courses are obtainable at SARAWAK FORESTRY regional offices in Miri, Bintulu, Sibu and Kuching as well as at any National Park and Nature Reserve Office in Sarawak.

Also forms can be downloaded from the SARAWAK FORESTRY website at

Application forms must be submitted to the following address not later than 4.00pm on or before 23rd September 2009

General Manager ,
Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation Division,
SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (453542-W)
Lot 218, KCLD, Jalan Tapang, Kota Sentosa,
93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel : 082-610088 Fax: 082-610099


Limited places available!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Facilities Make Over

Apart from protecting and conserving the natural habitat, the Park was established to promote public education and appreciation of nature. This is where the Park provides necessary services to meet the basic needs of the public. Ensuring a longer period of appreciation, accommodations are made available in the Park headquarters.

However, as the Park is now currently undergoing a reconstruction project on existing rundown accommodations, we are left only with the following types;

1) A unit of VIP Chalet

2.) Three units of Drive-In Chalet

3.) 18 Hostel rooms

For further inquiry, feel free to contact us at

Tel : 086-327284
Fax : 086-326251

The whole project is expected to be completed in April 2010. Looking forward to a brand new six units of Chalets and two units of double-storey Hostels.