Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weekend in Similajau

We packed up and made a weekend trip Similajau NP for a short R & R at the beach, who knows we might spot dolphins and perhaps get a close encounter with Similajau's friendly hornbills.

Well, at Similajau beach we got plenty of surf and the sand ... sunny blue-skies, clear water ideal for just jumping about in the surf. The young ones loved it!

The birds ... we sighted the usual old friends : magpie robin, house sparrow, asian glossy starlings, cream vented bulbul, plaintive cuckoo, white-breasted woodswallow, green imperial pigeon, black hornbill, dusky munia, brahminy kite, and common sandpipers. We also saw a nitejar at the parking lot ... no pictures were taken though on account of the camera infra-red not able to locate the bird in pitch darkness!

Sunsets ... we got our fair share of fabulous sunsets over the two evenings. Cotton candy clouds, orange tinge blue-skies! Perfect sunset!

Cicadas ... the kids were tickled pink when they found out that you can actually use the cicada as a musical instrument. But they still hated the donk! donk! donk! sound they made when they hit the walls at nite. There were especially many that weekend.

Dolphins ... we didn't see any. The weather however looks fabulously suited for some serious dolphin sightings ...

Visiting Similajau is actually best throughout the year. In the wet season (locally known as "landas") you may have plenty of rain and flooded sections, the sea as well will be rather rough for swimming but the sceneries are sublime non-the-less. Dramatic dark skies and rain clouds abound.

The more popular season for visitors would be during the dryer season from April til September. Skies are guaranteed blue with plenty of sunshine with only occasional summer rain and storms. The sea is calmer, water clearer which is ideal for your typical beachside actvities.

Some pictures from the weekend.

Common Sandpiper in silhouette.

Black Hornbill just swallowed his morning snack.

Magpie Robin at the park's canteen.

A little frog we found hanging out at the canteen.

Common Sandpiper under the shades.

Setting sun of a good blue skies day.

Rose tinged beachsands.

Just after sunset, the magical hour.

Swaying casuarinas and blue skies.

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