Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jungle Nite Walk

This time, off the usual timing considering the active period of Slow Loris (I yawned a lot!) Following a workshop on identification of Slow Loris and discovering that our local species, Nycticebus menagensis is actually the least researched by, I was wondering whether they can be seen here? The Park recorded sightings of them but now....?Latest population status of the species in the Park is unknown. In Sarawak, under the Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1998, Slow Loris is listed as a Totally Protected Wildlife which means hunting, keeping as pet, consuming etc are prohibited.

Unfortunately that night there wasn't any Loris :-( But we were compensated fairly! The highlight has got to be the sighting of a Common Palm Civet. Just 3 metres away...

Also several birds, a gecko, cockroaches, a frog, a sea snake, a spider and a durian fruit! All thanks to the observant Apai Elan!:-D

Apai Elan with a durian we found along the way

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