Friday, September 25, 2009

Batu Anchau Trail

There's plenty one can do here.Depending on needs and interest, there's bird to watch, also other wildlife to check out such as the salt water crocodiles, the shy long tailed macaques, dolphin and more. Common outings include swimming, picnicking and barbequing (these are popular among locals), sea or river cruising, or those adventurous may opt for jungle trekking.

Jungle trekking is made easy as the trails are quite well established. There's a total of ten trails heading to different forest types, beaches, rapids and a pool.

The trails are as follows; Mangrove Plank Walk, Education Trail, Circular Trail, View Point, Batu Anchau Trail, Selunsur Rapid, Turtle Beach I, Turtle Beach II, Golden Beach and Sebubong Pool. All trails are accessible by foot except for Sebubong Pool. The only way to get there is by boat.

What's interesting about Batu Anchau? It is actually a bare rock surface located about 1.35 km from Park head quarters, about 60 minutes walk. Just close to the rock, those observant ones should be able to find Nepenthes ampullaria.

Batu Anchau

The rock surface

Nepenthes ampullaria, a type of pitcher plant

And below are just some of the interesting plants found along the trail

A seriously tiny fungi

Edible young root of Pantu Pipit, a type of palm species

Another fungi growing on soil

And another fungi growing on a log

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