Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nite River Cruise

A fruitful one i must say. There were fire flies (felt bit like X'mas!)...Together with Uncle Johili (boatman cum guide), Uncle Jau (spotter), the Witteman's couple and myself, we cruised along the Likau river covering about 5km return. We managed to spot at least 3 adults and 4 hatchlings of Crocodylus porosus. No luck capturing huge ones as they sink immediately when spotted. And it's always on the way back that we ( was Uncle Jau actually) spotted a Mousedeer and a friendly Little Heron.This time double syiok!

Dutch couple

A hatchling near river bank

Little Heron

Another hatchling near vegetation

The Nite River Cruise package is quite popular among tourist. It is RM 100/trip of 5 people the maximum, covering Likau river for about 1.5-2 hours of mainly crocodile spotting.

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