Thursday, November 26, 2009

Among the Fruitful Outing ever!

Luckily we didn't end up cancelling because of the heavy rain the night before. Initial plan was to cover Turtle Beach I but Auldry was a first timer, so we decided to go for shorter trails allowing more time to check out interesting things along the way.

From the Park Headquarters, we crossed Sungei Likau via the suspension bridge to reach the Plankwalk. From this point, one can either walk straight along the Main Trail or turn right to the Mangrove Plank Walk. We took the latter. About 450m from the headquarters, we were marveled by the tough looking root systems of the mangroves..Reminded me of a friend inquired on the age of this forest type, which none of us in the Park knew but hopefully someday we will be able to determine that.

At the end of the Plankwalk, we continued covering the Circular Trail of about 1.7km (also distance from the headquarters), which later connect to the Main Trail. The trees in the Lowland Forest here seems to be in its fruiting season. Some were unique.

Looking like a vase, it's a fruit, smells like Guava

Coral-look-alike roots germinating from this fruit

Also, a Dwarf Lowland Toad known as Malayan forest toad, which rarely exceeds 5cm in length

Meeting the Main Trail, we continued trekking to the View Point. At about 700m of the Main Trail, i got attracted to a sapling. Unsure of the species but they were lots of them. The Mother tree must have been one of those huge ones around the area. Still taking time to capture the best when suddenly there were sounds of breaking branches!Looking around, we took sometime to locate until we saw something or someone settling on a branch with both hands hanging onto other branches, of a tall tree located few meters off the Main Trail. At first, we thought it must have been the common Long Tailed Macaque until i noticed the arms longer than usual of the Macaques! Screaming to myself "OMG!!it's gibbon!!"

I thought i saw two but one was actually carrying a baby. So, there were three then. The Park recorded sightings of them but all this while, myself have been able to HEAR them to be able to WATCH them LIVE, that close, swinging, screaming or possibly courting?and i just couldn't help disturbing :-D (but there's a baby present so courting may not be right, i guess it was a family outing then) Simply amazing!!!

Gibbons spotted around 0930 on 22nd November 2009, few meters off the 700m Main Trail.

The primate's playground, Dryobalanops aromatica (Kapur) tree

Also nearby, Wild Ginger

Yet to reach the View Point, we've been lucky enough to see so much! The viewpoint looks back to the beach and Park Headquarters and there's a shelter with three picnic tables.

Going back to the station, again blessed, we spotted a Woodpecker. I only remembered the red color head but the input wasn't enough to identify which species.

That day was indeed special. Animals making themselves visible, sighting of the gibbons was definitely the highlight!They made my day!(even up to this moment) :-D

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