Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wild Boars

Initially it was like any other day..tourist come and go..and then came two representatives from the District Office inquiring more about the Park on available accommodations. So there they were at Hostel 2 surveying...inspecting on the usual, the rooms, the sharing toilets...until they discovered more when the Hostel back door was opened!

Surprise...!surprise...!At least 10 individuals of the Sus barbatus of various sizes roaming around searching for food or....maybe risked themselves as food?:D

According to Abang Awang (Park Staff) who accompanied the guests, that was his first ever encounter with LIVE and that close. Abang Rahim (Park staff) also claimed that those days when there were no roads yet, it was indeed easy to spot them around the Headquarters, but this close now.....probably there's just more food here?

Fresh footprints of the Wild Boar found at the beach in front of Hostel on the very same day

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