Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Loris...o Loris...

I was even more determined after listening to Kak Nor's personal encounter with that creature not far from the Guard House some more! Just that she didn't manage to photograph it but her family sighting it, was enough to convince us that the Park still is the creature's home.

So off we walked this time along Batu Anchau trail for better chances as suggested by Apai Elan,one of the experienced Park staff here. Among spotted;


Little Spiderhunter

Black-backed Kingfisher

A frog

A lizard

A tree frog

The bright, shining round eyes of the Bear Cat

Although Loris was absent again and the 5.5 hours walk causing my legs busted but it was totally worth it because the jungle was filled with so many other mysterious creatures! We spotted eyes of various wildlife as claimed by Apai Elan, they were two rats off the trail, a Bear cat wondering on a way up high tree, several sleeping birds (and as usual i couldn't help disturbing and thanks Dave for identifying the species!), a Lesser mousedeer, a bat, a lizard (in local it's called cicak kubin or cicak terbang) not forgetting the crawly ones as well as vocals of few animals, i remembered Owl being one of them!

As for Loris, looking forward to see you in the next walk! (^_^)

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