Monday, February 22, 2010

Off The Trail

Jungle Night Walk has always been fruitful but so far we've yet to spot that particular nocturnal wildlife. Probably too shy too be seen along the established trails so we decided to try off the trails this time. Apai Elan did some minor clearing off the Circular Loop earlier. And the findings? Rewarding for birders but Slow Loris again absent...Listening to another encounter by Uncle Jau, our Park In-house Contractor, our next "off the trail" will be the forest along the Main Road. Fingers crossed!

Apai Elan and Subia trudging through the jungle

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  1. pok, main blog dah ko????bagus2. gud effort to promote our park. rather than kita blogging nganok org, better kt promote our nature. love ur job. keep on goin anne, lak aku support mana yang mampu